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create a one
of a kind experience


We accommodate groups of all sizes and varieties, through the finest use of:
• Indoor and Outdoor Exercises
• Bodyweight
• Equipment
• Yoga
• Meditation to design exclusively packages and experiences for:
• Private Groups
• Corporate Groups
• Birthday Parties
• Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
• Wedding Parties

personal training


RoyaFit is a team of diverse, qualified, and exceptional trainers and instructors at your service, multilingual, proficient in all levels of skill.
Trainers are certified in:
• Kettlebells
• Aerial Yoga
• Kickboxing
• Mixed Martial Arts
• Endurance Training
• Sport Specific Training
• Trigger Point Release
• Battle Ropes

Weekly Classes


We provide an extensive variety of luxury fitness and wellness services to members, guests and/or residents, as well as:
• Consulting and management services
• Exclusively/privately designed class formats
• Detailed scheduling and booking
• Sales and marketing

team building



Team build utilizing mental challenges with our signature format: Team THINK. Challenge your critical thinking skills and work as a united team to achieve optimal synergy. This 60-minute TEAM BUILDING brainstorm inspires teams to THINK together, build

trust, solve problems, and improve listening skills.


Team build utilizing physical challenges with our signature format: Team PLAY. Learn how to PLAY and win with your colleagues. This 60-minute TEAM BUILDING sweat combines fun games that actively challenge the team, resulting in building trust, unity, and a shared determination to succeed.

fitness events


Create a one of a kind, unforgettable, unique, and luxury guest experience with RoyaFit. Choose from our diverse team of trainers and instructors, select a class type that best suits you, and we will do the rest.

Organizing, promoting, and managing the event entirely, we will intentionally and exclusively design a one-time or reoccurring event for you.

Our team of luxury specialists are experienced in delivering outstanding events. We offer the following services from start to finish:

• Event Concept

• Event Venue Planning

• Setup & Breakdown

• Marketing & Promotion

• Food & Beverage Vendors

• DJ & Entertainment

• Photography & Videography



RoyaFit is available instantaneously for your concierge to book private groups and personal training sessions. The ideal instructor or trainer will be handpicked to deliver top quality service as desired. Additionally, the concierge will receive a booking fee!